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Barbarossa: the most elegant beach restaurant in Scheveningen

When you’re walking down the boulevard of Scheveningen, towards Het Zwarte Pad, it’s easy to spot Barbarossa. The meaning of Barbarossa is actually ‘red beard’ and refers to a Roman emperor. However, there are no hints of the color red in the interior of this specific beach club. The whole restaurant does array elegance, holiness, and lushness. It’s the only beach restaurant found on Het Zwarte Pad that is painted completely white. Add some green plants, Ibiza-style chairs and big white beach umbrellas to the equation… And there you have it: hip and happening beach restaurant Barbarossa.

Food with a view

Feel that refreshing breeze that emanates from the seawater? It’s easy to forget about everyday problems and dream of exciting future plans in the delightful setting of Barbarossa. Whether eating outside or indoors, you’ll be able to see the beach and water from all angles. It is a fact that food always tastes better when you’re in an invigorating climate, such as by the beach. At Barbarossa, you can enjoy a good breakfast, an exquisite lunch, a quick snack or an elaborate dinner at Barbarossa. It will surely be an idyllic and relaxing experience that will boost your mood. This beach restaurant also makes you appreciate the special things in life: great food, lovely service and comfy seats. Turns out: these things really count!

Barbarossa Breakfast Club

To end your week in style, come have breakfast at Barbarossa on your Sunday morning. You are welcome to join us for boiled and scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, various (sweet) bread, fruit, different fish like smoked salmon, and fresh orange juice. The basic essentials for a wonderful morning. You’ll enjoy the view, watch the waves and fill up your stomach with some of these delicious goodies. What a relaxing way to start your day! Want to enjoy this tasty brekky at Barbarossa? You’re welcome from 10 to 12 o’clock. If you’re a fan of a boozy brunch, you can of course order a nice bottle of bubbly.

The menu at Barbarossa

At Barbarossa, everything is designed to create an exclusive and immersive environment especially for you. A place to come and enjoy the pleasure of eating. So, what’s on the menu? Definitely book a table at Barbarossa if you are into seafood. You’ll find oysters, lobster, tuna, and mussels on the menu. However, if you’re a meat lover or vegetarian, you will also be more than satisfied. Barbarossa always serves a great tournedos and a classic burger, as well as different styles of Flammkuchen and various salads. Tip: always leave room for dessert. You’ll want to order a cheesecake, apple pie, ice cream sundae or cheese platter to end your evening with. Pure enjoyment!

PS: These menu items are subject to change according to the season and availability.

Beach restaurant hotspot

When you are at Barbarossa, you’ll immediately latch onto that vacation-vibe. The food, drinks, music and great service will make you stay until sunset. Enjoy a quiet morning here during the week and order some coffee and a fruit bowl. Or invite your family for a celebratory lunch and be prepared for some serious people watching on the weekend. Want to check out our menu in advance? Go ahead. Keep in mind that once you’ve visited this beach restaurant, you’ll want to come back for more. That’s for sure! Of course you can depend on Barbarossa to host your wedding, birthday, baby shower or company event. See our contact page for the telephone number or email address. Team Barba is ready for you.